Living Room Inspiration

Living Room Inspiration
Different Types Of Planter With Stand And Ideas To Decorate

Having a garden in your backyard or balcony is a must today. It does not only add vibrant colours to your decor, but they serve the fresh air in your home. There are a multitude of indoor and outdoor plants that enhance the overall appearance of your home with less…

6 Wedding Gift Ideas- Ideal For Every Couple In Every Season

Weddings are memorable and so should be a wedding gift. Whether the new couple is your close family, friend, or distant family, a thoughtful gift is always cherished. Plus, it will bring you closer to the newlywed couple. Indian weddings are known for their grandeur, and thus it is essential…

Rope Basket with Fringe Detail

Cover up unsightly clay pots with a DIY coiled rope basket. Only a few hardware store supplies needed. To make: Start by coiling 1/2-inch-thick sisal rope into a mat, affixing the rope together with hot-glue as you work. Once you have a mat, start working upward by gluing the rope on…

DIY Cane Webbing Coasters

The base for these coaster can be painted any color, so they'll fit right into your already existing decor. To make: Paint unglazed ceramic coasters , desired color. Cut pieces of caning that are just larger than the coasters. Spray the backs of the caning with adhesive spray, then attach to…

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