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We endeavour to maintain a good standard in terms of quality, clarity and accuracy of material used to build the product or showcase on our website. Any person’s use of this website/portal is at their own risk, and the information shared herein is to educate or generally inform about the purposes. We don’t guarantee the accuracy of the content published on this website. It is drafted based on the available information; thus, it might change timely across the internet.

The information posted on this website may change over time; thus, you are responsible for verifying the legitimacy of the information before relying upon it. We make timely changes but are not committed to updating the information.

Partners or employees or any other individual associated with the portal/website: https://zingerart,in/ shall not be liable for any harm, loss or damage (whether mentioned in the contract, negligence, or otherwise) that may occur in association with the access and use of this website, including any direct/indirect, special, third party or any other damage.

Errors and Deletion Disclaimer

The information shared using this website is for general understanding based on one’s matter of interest. Even though the company takes required precautions to ensure the quality and accuracy of the content, it is subject to be inaccurate in matters of views and methods. Thereby the company shall not be liable for the consequences of the use of the information.

Right to Use Disclaimer

The company may have copyright material, which the copyright owner does not always specially authorize. The company makes such content available to view for comment, criticism, news, reporting, teaching or research. The company regulates this to have fair use of the website in compliance with the Copyright Act 1957 (the Act), supported by the Copyright Rules 1958, governing law for copyright protection in India.

ZERO Liability Disclaimer

The information or services provided via this portal understand that the company is engaged in legal accounting, tax and other professional, compliant advisors.

Thereby, the company or its suppliers shall be liable for certain, direct, indirect, or consequential damages in no event.

“Use at Your OWN RISK” Disclaimer

As stated earlier, the information might lack what you are looking for. Thereby all information is published “As Is” with Zero guarantee of completeness or the results caused by using this information, without any warranty.

The company will not be responsible for reimbursing the damages in the aftermath of using the information on the website.

Colour Disclaimer

Though we tried hard to keep 100% transparency, the actual product colour may vary from its appearance on your computer or any other device’s screen. Every device display has different capabilities, resulting in different visuals. Additionally, the lighting conditions at that time can also result in a change of colour.

Terms & Conditions of the Website Content

The website is owned and operated by Zinger. The copyright of the website content lies with Zinger. Please read the terms & conditions and privacy policy before accessing the website.

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