Are you a fan of plants inside your home? You should go for designer planters that will make the plants look beautiful and appealing. Your home will have fresh air as well as an alluring aura that will make it more aesthetically pleasing.

    Buy Designer Planter With Stand At Best Price

    Multiple studies are advocating the health benefits of having planters at home. Offering both physical and psychological benefits, plants keep you happy and healthy. Most importantly, having a lush green balcony garden or plants in your background will improve the overall look & feel of your abode. Due to the lack of space in metropolitan cities, the right size of designer planter can help you enhance the appearance and add an aesthetic feel to your house.

    If you always wanted to live amidst lush green surroundings, but the financial restraints put a pause on those dreams, shop designer planter from Zinger and have a wonderful life at home or office. You can browse through our extensive collection to buy a designer planter with stand. We have designer planters in multiple shapes, colours, and sizes available at our online store.

    Explore A Wide Range of Designer Planters at Zinger Art

    At Zinger, you will find a wide range of fantastic designer planters that will better fit your home’s interior. Choose from the latest collection of flower pots, modern garden pots, planter with stand, and more. From classic metal planters to modern designer plastic planters, you’ll get everything at Zinger Art.

    In our extensive collection, you’ll also find hanging garden planters. From different colours, shapes, and designs, we have a range of exciting options to choose from. Buy a designer planter with stand or buy classic metal planters to complement your balcony garden; we have all types of planters in different shades like blue, green, red, and more. At Zinger, you can also shop for other home & kitchen decor accessories to embellish your interior.

    How to Choose The Right Designer Planter With Stand?

    While adding planters to your home is the easiest way to enhance its appearance and look, choosing the suitable designer planter can be a monotonous task. There are planters with stands, hanging planters, and a lot more. How would you find the right planter for your home? Well, that’s easy with Zinger Art.

    Let’s have a look at the planters we have on the collection at Zinger!

    Sleek, Modern Minimalism

    Bulky, ornate planters are out of the league as it’s time for modern, sleek planters available in different colours, shapes, and sizes.


    We have modern planters that are made of concrete containers, heavy metal yet is lightweight and look perfect with any kind of interior.

    Neutral, Muted colours

    Neutral colours have always been in demand because they perfectly pair with any modern or classic interior. At Zinger, you can shop from a range of the latest designs and colours.

    Rustic & rusty

    Since turning rusty old junk into a garden is becoming popular around the globe, we initiated a new idea and came up with designer planters with rustic and rusty looks & feel.


    While you have checked with the build quality, design, and feel of your interior, it’s time to see if they will last or not. At Zinger, we have a vast range of designer planters that are impressive and durable.

    Why Shop From Zinger Art?

    From designer planter with stand to planter without stand, you can shop the right product at ease online from Zinger Art. We have a large collection and have made online planter shopping fast with easy navigation, online payments, and fast deliveries.

    At Zinger, you can buy premium quality products with catching design and excellent build quality at the best price. So, whether you are shopping for gifts for your friends, family, or a colleague, Zinger Art has the best designer planters to offer. Order now to avail amazing offers & discounts and get fast delivery.

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