Handmade Floral Resin decor Board, Resin Cheese Board

Handmade Floral Resin decor Board, Resin Cheese Board



  • Material: Wood / Resin
  • size : 25x15x1.5 cm
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These boards are made of bamboo wood and hand decorated with Dry flowers with gorgeous colours using resin pouring technique that creates a super glossy finish and a 3d wave effect.
They are amazing, shimmery and supper glossy! They will wow any guest, or a person you will gift them to. Perfect as a birthday, mother’s day, wedding or anniversary gift, or just to spoil yourself!

PLEASE NOTE: each cutting board and resin pour is unique and cannot be replicated. Although the boards look similar and the resin pour looks similar, it is never exactly the same. This picture is the best representation of the board you will receive when you purchase! However, your board and resin design will be unique. The same colours and wave shapes are used on all boards,but the outcome will differ slightly.

✲PACKAGE – 1 Board


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