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Coaster Set

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    Cleaning up the house is a tremendous task, especially if there are ring marks of coffee and teacups on the dining table. If you love home decor and hate those stubborn stains, you are definitely in need of a coaster set.

    At Zinger Art, we have an extensive collection of exclusively designed coaster sets. Buy a premium coaster set online to protect glass tabletops against cups and bowl stains. You can enjoy food and serve guests without worrying about cutlery stains on the table.

    Our coaster sets are long-lasting, sturdy, and durable. Additionally, you can buy a high-quality coaster set online in impressive colours and designs at affordable prices. We also have other dining table accessories like cutlery, wooden tray, and table runners, etc.

    Besides protecting your glass table from ring marks, the table coaster is a beautiful addition to aesthetically enhancing your home and kitchen’s interior. You can buy everything you need to spark up your kitchen and give your place a cosy comfort. Zinger has some perfect coasters that will perfectly fit your home. Browse through our latest collection and shop conveniently in just a few clicks.

    Types of Coasters

    At Zinger Art, we have an extensive collection of impressive coasters based on the material they are made from. There are basically three types of coasters you can shop from our online store.

    1. Marble Coasters

    You can buy a coaster set made from authentic marble. They are comparatively heavier than other materials but are durable and aesthetically appealing too. A marble coaster set will look extremely classy in both vintage and modern backdrops.

    2. Plastic Coasters

    Plastic coasters have a good build quality with aesthetic embellishment and thread work. These are lightweight and easy to clean in one wash.

    3. Wooden Coasters

    Buy finely polished, raw, and printed wooden coaster set online from Zinger Art. Wooden coasters are available in multiple colours and designs.

    4. Other Material

    A few other materials have been used to build coasters, such as jute, threaded beads, rubber, and more. You can either buy a single piece for a large dining table or a small coaster set.

    Tips to Choose the Right Coaster Set

    The selection of a coaster set entirely depends on the aesthetics of your home and the design you want. Whether looking for wooden or marble coasters to enhance your interior, here are a few things to consider when purchasing coasters.

    • Marble or raw wooden coasters are perfect for minimalist kitchen decor.
    • While marble coasters are trendy, wooden coaster sets look classy; perfect to match your minimalist decor trend.
    • If you have a rustic finish dining table in the kitchen, go with wooden coaster sets. They are available in all shapes, colours, and designs.
    • Complement your mugs by shopping for an ideal coaster set from Zinger Art.
    • Use organizers to store coasters and declutter the dining space.
    • For maximum use, go with the wooden coasters because they are durable, easy to clean, and perfectly match the funky style of your home.
    • Keep the jute or other fabric coasters away as they might gather more dust compared to other materials.

    Shop for Coaster Set Online on Zinger Art

    Every coaster set online in the collection of Zinger Art has a premium build quality. These coasters are built with the finest material like wood, jute, marble, and high-grade plastic. Also, we offer coasters in different shapes, like round, square, leaf shape, and more. These are highly decorative and perfectly suit your kitchen dining.

    However, the primary reason to buy a coaster set from Zinger Art is that we have competitive prices and best-in-class quality. If you plan to revamp your home or kitchen’s interior, choose designer coaster sets from Zinger to add to your kitchen essentials. Browse through our latest collection and order online!

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