Copper Products

Copper Products

    A copper bottle is more than just a water bottle. It has numerous health benefits and keeps your water cool naturally. Copper bottles are in trend these days and so many beautiful and designer copper bottles are available these days. Zinger Art has the best collection of copper bottles that will definitely catch your eye.

    Shop 100% Pure and Designer Copper Bottle Online

    Buy a 100% authentic copper bottle online and add a fantastic chic to your life with plenty of health benefits. Since multiple studies have claimed that drinking copper water has many benefits, including better heart, digestion, and brain functionality, you must own a copper bottle. However, if the design is your concern, shop designer bottles are made of 100% pure copper from Zinger Art and add charm to your lifestyle along with a range of health benefits.

    Zinger’s designer bottles are crafted by professional artisans in India using pure copper with all essential properties. Do you wonder about the health benefits of drinking copper water? Let’s take a look at those.

    Health Benefits of Drinking From Copper Bottle

    While most sales pitches talk about their contribution to better immune systems and aid digestion, we will talk about the actual health benefits of copper bottles. Since we have designer bottles made of copper, they are a great alternative to your regular water bottle. Our extensive collection consists of designer bottles available in multiple colours, designers, and sizes. Here’s how copper bottles can benefit your overall health.

    Aid Weight Loss

    If you are looking for an effective way to lose weight, you should start drinking water from a copper bottle. It kills harmful bacteria and reduces inflammation which aids weight loss.

    Slow Down Aging Process

    Since copper is the main property involved in the body’s melanin production, drinking water from the copper bottles can boost skin health.

    Provide Bacteria-free Water

    When you store water in a copper bottle, the copper ions dissolve in water and kill harmful bacterias, offering pure & healthy water.

    Heal Wounds Faster

    Copper has been known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, making copper water great for healing wounds faster.

    Improve Skin Health

    Melanin is a kind of pigment that plays a vital role in developing the colour of your eyes and skin tone. Drinking copper water will dramatically improve your skin health.

    How to Choose The Right Copper Bottle

    At Zinger Art, we have a wide range of designer bottles so that you can shop the right bottle at ease. But, do you know how to choose the right copper bottle? Consider the following things in mind when purchasing designer copper bottles from Zinger Art.


    The durability of your copper bottle is the first thing to check. You can determine it based on the build quality and the percentage of copper in it.


    It goes without saying that a bottle must be leakproof, especially if you plan to carry it along to the gym and office.


    Make sure your copper bottle is lightweight despite the building of genuine copper. Explore Zinger’s exclusive lightweight copper water bottles today!

    Ease of cleaning

    Unlike other materials such as stainless steel and thermos, a copper bottle requires more maintenance and cleaning. So, make sure you are picking up the right bottle that is easy to clean.


    When you shop from Zinger Art, you get access to a wide range of designer bottles made of 100% authentic copper available in multiple designs, shapes, and sizes.

    Buy Best Designer Bottles from Zinger Art At Best Price

    At Zinger Art, we have designer copper water bottles that are indeed a great alternative to plastic bottles. They are trendy, have plenty of health benefits, and offer pure water without affecting its odour and taste.

    We have all sizes of copper bottles with impressive classic and modern designs that add elegance and artistic attraction to your personality. Furthermore, our bottles are easy to clean and made of genuine material with all original properties. Shop designer bottles from Zinger Art online today and unleash your need for a copper bottle.

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