Agartala Copper Designer Bottle 750ML
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Agartala Copper Designer Bottle 750ML


  • Material: Copper
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•✔️SEVERAL AYURVEDIC HEALTH BENEFITS: Drinking from copper vessels has been a part of
traditional ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Pure copper water bottle like ours are
proven to have several health benefits. Studies show that copper vessel for drinking water like ours
can help prevent many diseases & help maintain cardiovascular health. Copper also has benefits
for the skin that can prevent aging & can help strengthen the immune system as well as the
digestive system.
•✔️KEEP YOUR WATER COOL WITH STYLE: Our copper bottle will help you keep your water nice &
cold with style. We carefully chose the design for our stylish water bottle to make sure it stands
out while making drink water feel amazingly refreshing. Our copper vessel cools water to
perfection especially if it is kept in a fridge overnight.
•✔️HAND CRAFTED PREMIUM QUALITY & EASY TO CLEAN: Quality is our top priority, when we
were working on our copper water bottle, we made sure it wouldn’t only stand out with its unique
design, but that it also 100% leakproof & handcrafted to perfection. For you to fully reap the
health benefits, we recommend washing the copper bottle using lemon & salt. To do so, squeeze
half a lemon in the bottle and add 1 tablespoon of salt & 1⁄2 cup of water, then close the lid and
shake the water bottles.
•✔️PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: Our 100% pure copper water bottle stands out with its unique
design, and since everybody drinks water, we made sure it was tailored for every occasion. The
Copper bottle is a perfect water bottle whether it be for the gym, yoga or even everyday use at
work or school, making it easy and convenient to redeem the health benefits anywhere at any
time. ✲PACKAGE – 1bottle




4 reviews for Agartala Copper Designer Bottle 750ML

  1. Saloni

    The Product looks amazing. I was doubtful about its look in reality but the product was the same when delivered. Colour job of excellent quality. must buy!!!!

  2. Rohan Singh

    Good quality product. The copper inside is of the finest quality. Highly recommended.

  3. Taksh

    Amazing product and very good material and the quality is also very good

  4. Vishwas Kumar

    The product is good. Looks exactly the same in real life.

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