Table Runners

Table Runners

    Buy Elegant Table Runners From Zinger Art

    Table runners are trendy vintage home decorations that provide a bit of uniqueness to the complete environment by enhancing the look of a dining table or bedside table. As opposed to full-length tablecloths, table runners go down the centre of the dining table and attractively cover it. Table runners are often used to either position a table centrepiece or ornaments such as a vase or a beautiful showpiece on the table. Zinger Art is your final stop to explore a wide range of table runners with beautiful designs, intricate patterns that come in different sizes and clothing materials.

    Table Runners by Zinger Art come in various shapes, sizes and fabrics to match your interior design. We offer an exclusive and extensive range including vintage, modern or contemporary table runners so that you can choose according to your decor. Our table runners will make your table aesthetically pleasing and soothing to look at.

    3 Ways To Use A Table Runner To Decorate A Table

    Creating a fun, fresh table decoration is more about expressing your creativity and design sense in a way that fits with your furniture and design sensibility than it is about following a specific set of guidelines. With that in mind, here’s a round-up of our five favourite table runner decorating ideas.


    Table runners are traditionally laid lengthwise and centred across the table, with enough material draping over the sides — roughly as far down as a tablecloth. Experiment with a few different looks to see what you prefer. To choose a table runner long enough to allow 6-12 inches of material hanging over the sides, you’ll need to determine the length of your table.

    Now that you have determined the length of your table runner select the colour and pattern for your table runner. Spreading the runner lengthwise on your table, covering about one-third portion of the table, will give your decor a vintage look.

    Shorter Length

    Longer table runners are traditionally used to cover the whole length of a dining table, but shorter table runners may also contrast a more simple, daily table arrangement. A shorter runner will look almost the same as a longer one; however, you can boost your table’s elegant surface.

    Choose a table runner that is much shorter than the length of the table in this situation. The short table runner captures wax and keeps it off the table, making this an excellent design style to utilise with candles.

    Do It Your Way

    Experiment with your style and try new patterns and combinations. Try creating your table decorations asymmetrically, with the resting runner flush against the wall if the length of your dining table is against the wall.
    Matching table runners can also create an “X” form across the table, which looks excellent on circular tables. The “X” not only sticks out but also serves as a visual focal point for the space where the runners cross. This may be used as a standalone centrepiece or a podium for a bigger centrepiece, such as a flower arrangement.

    Choosing The Perfect Table Runner

    Table runners are available in typical sizes with widths of 10 to 15 inches and lengths of 36 to 108 inches. Allow 6 inches to dangle over either end of your table runner, which should be about one-third the width of your table. If you’re stacking linens, your table runner can hang over either end, but it shouldn’t hang lower than your tablecloth.

    Why Opt For Zinger Art?

    Table Runners from Zinger Art will exemplify your patio, dining table, sofa, and a variety of different tables and settings. We offer a variety of materials, including cotton and silk, and may give your table a rich aesthetic while also protecting its surface. Shop now from Zinger Art and add a splash of colour with solid contrast and draw your visitors’ attention to your table.

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