6 Wedding Gift Ideas- Ideal For Every Couple In Every Season

Wedding GiftWeddings are memorable and so should be a wedding gift. Whether the new couple is your close family, friend, or distant family, a thoughtful gift is always cherished. Plus, it will bring you closer to the newlywed couple. Indian weddings are known for their grandeur, and thus it is essential to put thought behind your gift to make it memorable.

Everyone loves a great gift, right? And it becomes even more exciting and fun when you don’t have to spend thousands on it. Sure there are many practical and direct purchases like cleaners, utensils, or cookbooks, but if you want to go out of the box, you are just a thought away.

Arguably, home and kitchen items are the best and most thoughtful gifts. To make them out of the box, make it a hamper or combine two to three small items. Obviously, the options are abundant, so Zinger Art is here to ease it for you. In this blog, we will discuss the top six wedding gift ideas.

Wedding Gift Ideas | 6 Items and Hampers Perfect For Every Couple

Shopping for a wedding gift isn’t always the most straightforward task, but don’t you worry, mentioned below is the list of the top six wedding gift ideas. Scroll down to pick the best purchase that too on a budget.

Kitchen/ Dining Items

There is no denying the fact that kitchen or dining items are the best ideas for a wedding. They are practical, useful, and affordable purchases. Here is the list of top kitchen items and hampers to give the newlywed couple.

Copper Tumblers

Copper tumblers are one of the finest and most affordable ideas for a wedding gift. Instead of a single or a couple of tumblers, select a variety of different handcrafted tumblers and make it a hamper. Copper tumblers are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also have many advantages.
Drinking water in a copper tumbler is a healthy practice. It is good for the heart, digestion, etc.

Storage Containers

Every Indian is fond of food, be it healthy or junk. When you say food, storage containers go hand in hand. They are multipurpose; everything can be stored in them, from spices to pulses to cereals. So, if you are looking for a wedding gift, kitchen storage containers are one of the best picks. They come in different shapes and sizes and with different patterns.

Gift the new couple a set of storage containers. Storage containers at Zinger Art are handcrafted and will add a personal touch to your gift.

Table Runner + Coaster + Trays

A hamper or combination of different gifts is always better than a single gift. If you are determined to give some form of kitchenware, this combination of table runner, coaster, and tray is the best pick. The unique design and variety of these items will just show the couple that you care and, of course, they are useful.

The colours and design of the table runners will give a royale and posh experience. The dining table will look flawlessly fabulous when surrounded by beautifully hand-crafted coasters.

Home Decorative Items

Yet another fantastic wedding gift idea is to pick something from home decorative items. From resin boards and cushions to candle holders and stands, the list can be tiring. To ease it for you, mentioned below is the list of top home decorative items that will prove to be the best wedding gift.


Without any doubt, cushions are the most affordable wedding gift ideas. From sofa to bed, cushions add charm to the look of everything. When you are newly married, some changes are bound to happen, even in the way the house looks. So, if you want to give something thoughtful, give the newlywed cushion and its covers. Every time they take a look at the cushion or use it, they will recall you and cherish the happy memories.

Your search for a wedding gift should end with this, and you can either gift them a single cushion with covers or prepare a set of cushions with contrasting and patterned covers.

Candle Stands / Holders

Wedding gift – did you search? Well then, candle stands and holders are the best picks. They do much more than just hold candles, and they set up a perfect blend of romantic and cosy lighting. The candle holder collection at Zinger Art comes in different shapes and designs. Handcrafted by the artisans of India, they are the best pick if you want your gift to stand out among the hundreds of items they receive.

Scented Candles

Hands-down, the best wedding gift is to give them a hamper of scented candles. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and fragrances. Purchase the best fragrances from Zinger Art and make a hamper. Gift them a collection of two to three sets of candles. You can also add a handwritten note. Whenever the aroma of these candles crosses their senses, the couple will be delighted and cherish many new moments– all because of your thoughtful gift. Mentioned below are some of the best scented candles. You can gift them individually or make a hamper of them.

  • Magnolia Scented Candle
  • Vellore Scented Candle Set
  • Pink Tulip Scented Candle

Purchasing a wedding gift is difficult, especially if you want to pick a thoughtful, out-of-the-box gift. The above-mentioned items are some of the best wedding gifts, and Zinger Art provides you with a comprehensive collection of wedding gift options. So, what are you pondering over? Select yours today to avail of the best prices.

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